The province is set to receive up to $200 million for the project through a federal program called the PPP Canada Fund. This is roughly 10 per cent of the project’s costs.


The RM of Sherwood and City of Regina have been asked to contribute to the cost of interchanges on the west side of the bypass at 9th Avenue North and Hill Avenue, as they will benefit. Both are in the early stages of discussion with the Ministry of Highways, but the proposed contributions are $10 million from the RM of Sherwood and $23 million from the City of Regina.

The RM of Sherwood expects discussion with the Saskatchewan government to resume after the provincial election. Council will be responsible for making the decision.

The City of Regina’s contribution is still being negotiated.


Expected contributions from federal and local jurisdictions total just $233 million for a $1.88 billion project. This leaves a grand total of $1.65 billion to be paid for by the provincial government.